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Scanning Acoustic Microscope I
Model: Ultrascan – 1


Mechanical scanning and adjusting system

Acoustic lens: Frequency 5MHz-200MHz

High Speed A/D converter

Fast pulse generator/signal receiver

Stepper Motor driver

Ultrascan 1 exclusive software


Operation mode: reflective mode

Frequency range: 5MHz – 200 MHz

Aperture of the acoustic lens: 2 – 6 mm

Angular aperture of the acoustic lens: 30 degree to 120 degree, selectable.

Focal length of the acoustic lens: 5 – 100 mm (in water), selectable.

Mechanical system:
Observational scope: 2.5x2.5mm,5x5mm,10x10mm…….
Adjustable scope:
X,Y axis : 80mm
Z axis : 50mm

Computer(minimum requirement):
CPU Pentium
Hardisk 4G
CD Rom 24x
CD-R 2x

High Speed A/D converter card:
Real time sampling rate 100 MSPS
Resolution 8 Bit
Bufsize 64K
Effective Bandwidth 150MHz
Input Voltage 0 – 2 V

Fast pulse generator/signal receiver card:
Pulse width 10ns
Pulse voltage amplitude 400V
Gain of the receiver system 60dB
Digital controllable gain 40dB

Imaging mode:
A scan,B scan and C scan is available

Power supply:
0.5 KVA (220 VAC)

Scanning Acoustic Microscope II
Model: Tessonics AM 1103



Mechanical Scanner: Provides precise measurement and positioning of the acoustical lens in a volume 100x150x50 mm with repeatability not worse than 2 micrometer in the X and Y direction and not worse than 0.2 micrometer in the Z direction.

Acoustical transducer: Typically, the microscope is operating with spherically-focused transducers with nenter frequency in the range of 5 to 400 MHz. Note, however, that the system will also work with cylindrically focused transducers for anisotropy measurements and flat transducers for measurement in layered structures.

Pulser: Sending out spikes with amplitude 10-200V, repetition frequency, 0.1 – 10KHz and duration 3 – 50 ns.

Receiver: Gain not worse than 80 dB with the range 10 – 300 MHz. Analog to digital converter has an input bandwidth of 400 MHz and the equivalent conversion rate of 533 megasamples per second.

Controlling software: Manages function and interaction of units and provides acquisition, visualization, and analyzing of three-dimensional data. The software has a friendly user interface and provides full control over the system.

Electrical power: 120V AC (220V AC optionally)

Operating temprature: 10degree C top 30 degree C.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Model: CTS – 36 Full Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Operation Frequency: 0.5 to 10 MHz

I/0 connection: can be connected to computer and printer

Attenuation: Total attenuation of 84dB; error every 2dB of

Vertical line type error: <3%

Far region resolution: >30dB

Alarm gate: 2 channels gate with amplitude display

Power Supply: AC: 100 to 260 V,50+or-1Hz
DC: 12.5+or-2V

Dimensions: 260x149x315mm (widthxheightxdepth)

Weight: 8.7kg(Inclusive of battery)

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Model: ATG-400 (LAD-C)

Measurement range: 1.00 to 225.0 mm (Steel)

Display: 4 digits LCD with built-in illumination

Velocity Adjusting Range: 1000 – 9999 m/sec

Calibrated Accuracy:
+/- 0.05mm (within 1.00 – 9.99mm range)
+/-(5%H+0.1)mm (within 10.00 – 99.99mm range)
+/-(5%H+1)mm(within 100.00 – 225.0mm range)

Memory: Stores up to 40 measurements

Battery: 2x 1.5V(AA size)

Continuous Operations Period: Approximately 300 hrs

Dimension: 124x67x30mm

Weight: 240g

Environment: Temperature: 0-40degreeC
Humidity: 40degreeC(20 – 90)%RH

Portable Medical Ultrasound Imaging Systems
Model: CTS-385Plus

Foldaway keyboard

High density, broad band, multi-frequency probes

32-frame non-volatile storage capacity

10-inch high-resolution monitor

High-quality images

Complete range of measurement and calculation functions

Dual probe connectors

Ultrasonic Cleaner


Internal Tank Size: 295x150x100mm

External Dimension: 320x175x240mm

Capacity: 4.5 litres

  1. Internal Tank: S. Steel SUS304
  2. External Body: ABS(UL Fire Resistan)
  3. Cover: S.Steel SUS304
  4. Basket: S Steel SUS304
Ultrasonic Output: 150W

Output Frequency: 46KHz

Heater Output: 170W

Electronic Timer: 1 – 30 Minuters(Adjustable)

Elect.Temp.Con.: Ambient Temperature – 60degree C(Adjustable)

Power Switch: One Button Soft Touch ON/OFF Control

Power Source: 110/220V Single Phase 60/50Hz

Net Weight: 4.5Kg

Sound Level Meter NL-21/31
Applicable standards  
Sound Level Meter NL-21   Sound Level Meter NL-31
IEC 60651: 1979 Type 2   IEC 60651: 1979 Type 1
IEC 60804: 1985 Type 2   IEC 60804: 1985 Type 1
IEC/CDV 61672-1 Class 2  IEC/CDV 61672-1 Class 1
JIS C1502-1990 JIS C1505-1988
Main processing function

Simultaneous measurement of all items according to selected time weighting and frequency weighting

Auxiliary processing functions

One selectable for simultaneous processing with main measurement processing functions

Measurement time

10 seconds,1,5,10,15,30 minutes,1,8,24 hours and manual (maximum 200 hours)

Measurement range

A weighting : 28 to 138 dB

C weighting: 33 to 138 dB

Flat: 38 to 138 dB

Peak sound level: 141 dB

Data store functions

Manual store: up to 100 data sets

Sensitivity: -33dB for NL-21 and –29dB for NL-31

I/O connector

Sound level meter control from and data output to a computer
Data output to printer DPU-414/CP-11/CP-10
Comparator output

Weight(excluding batteries): Approx 300g

Battery life (20 degreC)

NL-21: Approx 32hr and NL-31: Approx 27hr

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