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The Company, Acoustical Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd (ATSPL), a specialist in ultrasonic technology and its applications is Singapore’s only ultrasound technologies R and D company. It was incorporated in Singapore in 1989. It is engaged in the R and D, manufacturing and marketing of ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment especially the scanning acoustical microscope(SAM), a high-end NDT and failure analysis equipment.

The Company, Ultrasound International plc (UIPLC), a public limited company was incorporated in UK recently. Then all the technologies of ATSPL will be transferred over to the UK company. The purpose is for fund rasing in UK. ATSPL will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of UIPLC.
Our SAM is the world’s first dynamic 3D real-time SAM which has numerous applications and a wide global market. It uses high frequencies ultrasonic waves to totally image the external and internal structures of an object in a nondestructive manner ,i.e. without dissecting the specimen, and on real-time 3D basis. Electron and optical microscopes in the market generally look only at the external surfaces/features of the object and in 2D. Images captured by the company’a SAM can be saved and analyzed thereafter. The product used mainly for quality control, failure analysis and material studies has wide applications in the microelectronics like examining chip packaging, wafers , precision engineering like examining disk drives, material research like examining the grain structures of materials, aerospace industries like in NDT, automobile industries like in NDT, petrochemical industries like in NDT and biotechnology sectors like examining cells, tissues and their morphologies and pathologies. International patents have been filed and granted for both the technology and product in USA, UK, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Sofar the commercialization of the SAM has been completed. We have already gone from the start-up stage to the second stage, the product stage and we have already started marketing of SAM with the appointment of distributors.
Besides the SAM, we have also developed the V(z) curve scanner which is a spinoff from the SAM.. This can be used for quantitative acoustic microscopy which can yield quantitative informations on the elastic properties of materials such as the Young’d modulus, the bulk modulus etc.
We have also signed an agreement with an American company Tessonics Inc to jointly develop the new generation of SAM, the high frequencies biomedical SAM and to do the fabrication of their acoustic lens and the design of the manufacturing process of their SAM.. This biomedical SAM can be used for the characterization of cancer cells and tissues and to study the pathology and morphology of cancer cells and this will have even bigger market potential. The high frequencies biomedical SAM will have higher resolution which is necessary for biomedical application.
Besides the SAM, we are also manufacturing the ultrasonic cleaners which have wide industrial and medical applications such as the cleaning of components, engines, spectacles. jewelleries, medical devices etc.

We are also the distributors of other ultrasonic NDT equipment such as flaw detectors, thickness gauges under OEM and distributors of noise and vibration meters and the distributors of portable ultrasound medical scanners.

We also derive our revenues by offering NDT services to clients and laboratory medical ultrasound scanning to clients and offering training courses on NDT courses to clients.
The mission of our company is to develop ultrasound technologies to save the lives of millions of people through NDT to apply to aerospace industries, to railway tracks, to shipbuilding industries and to oil and gas industries and through biomedical applications to be developed in the areas of diagnostics and therapeutics.
The vision of our company is to be the world’s foremost ultrasound technologies company in the areas of acoustic imaging for industrial and medical applications.